What is important when choosing a conference hall ?

What is important when choosing a conference hall?

Your conference site selection may make or break your event. Your conference to-do list should include this item at the top. After all, the location will greatly affect your conference’s budget and atmosphere. The place you choose will affect critical elements, such as the date of your event, so make an informed decision. Here are 7 things to think about while looking for a Conference hall in Chandigarh to assist you.

  1. Budget

When handling the event’s logistics, keep the bottom line in mind. Take the time to research how much it will cost to rent a conference space because it is an important expense and you need to be sure you stay within your spending limit. If you’ve discovered the ideal conference location, it can be worth checking to see if you can negotiate a cheaper rate in return for a longer-term commitment. Being flexible with the date will also help you get a better deal because other days of the week often have lower prices. Never be scared to bargain!

  1. Location

One method to encourage more people to come is by picking a convenient venue. Don’t forget to enquire about neighboring hotels, airport access, and public transportation options. For participants who decide to drive on the day, there has to be enough parking or valet service. By ensuring that nearby eateries and other attractions are open before and after your event, you may create more networking chances.

  1. Capacity

Make sure participants have room to rest during breaks and comfortable seats in all sessions. When attendees need to take notes or use computers, avoid venues with theatre-style seating. Similarly, to this, an overly large conference room would make it appear as though half the people did not arrive.

  1. Features

Choose a location for your event that has all the facilities you want. This covers everything like A/V gear, microphones, kitchen amenities, and wheelchair accessibility. Be aware of the setup limitations, paying close attention to the seating plans and sponsor spaces. See whether you can use the exhibition space and break-out rooms, or if you can hire the caterer of your choosing. If the location offers on-site catering, find out if it can handle particular diets or food allergies.

  1. Staffing

On the day of your conference, you’ll have a lot to manage, so be sure there will be enough concierge assistance, waitstaff, and security. Find out whether a specific venue organizer will be available to help with any problems as well. Find out whether there will be tech assistance available so that presentations go well and participants don’t waste time looking for Wi-Fi throughout the conference.

  1. Branding

Consider your stakeholders and sponsors when selecting a location by picking one that is unmistakably consistent with the image you want to convey. Ask the venue manager if there will be any other activities taking place there that may conflict with your conference or your marketing message. Finding out about possible branding and signage options is also beneficial. Can you advertise on home plasma displays or put signs in the elevator? Make sure you are capable of branding since it is crucial.

  1. Accommodation

It’s usually ideal to select a conference venue with on-site lodging if your event lasts all day or for many days. Delegates may unwind at the end of the day without having to make any additional travel.



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